Afterlife With Archie Vol. 1 – 10



Yesterday I had to do tax stuff which fills me with a unique brand of horror and anxiety. To unwind, I wanted to read something kinda casual and nostalgic, so I FINALLY picked up Afterlife With Archie. I had heard good things about this when it came out a few years ago, but I thought it would be good for an Archie comic.

Although I was a huge fan of the series as a child, teenage love triangle stories aren’t really my thing these days. I feel like the Archie series always had good messages about acceptance and friendship, but I was content to leave it in the past.

Having said that…

Afterlife with Archie is a proper horror comic. Although it has characters you remember from the original Archie series, the tone is a lot more adult. It pulled on classic 70’s / 80’s horror themes in a loving way, you will see nods to The Shining, The Stand, Night of the Living Dead, Cujo (I noticed that Stephen King was thanked in the notes), H.P. Lovecraft and many more.

This is not a children’s comic, but it manages to balance the horror, romance, and comedic elements well. Writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is also the developer for the popular Netflix series Riverdale, which I haven’t seen but might need to check out.

The art, done by Francesco Francavilla, is stunning and captures the tone of the writing perfectly.

I have already preordered Jughead: The Hunger, and I am considering picking up The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (All released under the Archie Horror logo). They also just announced a series called Vampironica to be released soon.

In the past ten years, a wave of nostalgia has seen many of my childhood favorites get revamps, most often not in a way that I like **Cough…Micheal Bay** **Cough…JJ Abrams**  ** is Quentin Tarantino doing directing Star Trek?!** but it’s refreshing to see a reboot that feels totally fresh, natural, exciting and takes nothing away from the original series.

I highly recommend this series for grown-up Archie fans, or fans of horror in general.

My Rating: 4.5/5

What is your favorite and least favorite childhood reboot? 





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