This Is What Transparency Looks Like

I am a proud Patreon supporter of Rare Earth, a documentary series hosted by Evan Hadfield that tells stories about events, people, and cultures from around the world

Evan (son of Astronaut singing sensation Chris Hadfield) quit the marketing industry to travel the world making this series, and decided to share both what he learned working with ads, and how as a creator he plans to continue to finance his series in a way that aligns with his values.

Not only is this good creator transparency, but it is also a good history of ads and how thinking for ourselves has never been harder. We think making good decisions and not being influenced by the world around us is a matter of smarts or independence, but that is not how our brains work. Advertising is extremely effective, and this is worth keeping in mind not only when you are buying new shoes or choosing which brand of food to buy in a supermarket, but also when making bigger decisions like voting in local elections.

This is a great example of how exercising the minimalist muscle and practicing healthy skepticism can help you, even if you have no desire to be “a minimalist.” Just as we learn to look both ways before crossing a street, we should learn to look for forms of persuasion and take the appropriate steps to keep ourselves safe.

If you haven’t seen Rare Earth, I highly recommend checking out all of their videos.

**(More bookish posts are coming, it’s just been a busy week here!)**


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