Following up on a thought from my post Dreaming of a Slow Internet, each week I am going to start sharing a couple of the gold nuggets I uncover from the vast recesses of the interweb.  I have decided to give this section the incredibly boring and straightforward title ‘Discoveries’. Some might be popular – but still worth mentioning – and hopefully some will be a little more obscure.

 For US-based people (although hopefully it’ll become available globally), PBS is releasing an eight-part series called The Great American Read that celebrates reading by discussing 100 of the USA’s the best-loved books. If you can’t wait for the series, check out the full list of books here. I was really happy to see books like The Giver, Americanah, and The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy on there.

This Is America. This is the best kind of intersection of art and politics.

This isn’t a discovery, but a shoutout to the endlessly inspirational YouTube channel Living Big In A Tiny House.

I’ve been flip-flopping on Kindle – on the one hand, it is convenient and practical, and on the other, I see how much better it could be if Amazon treated it as a competitive product. Amazon basically won the ebook market, so there is little incentive for them to continue improving the product.

Craig Mod wrote a great article called “Reconsidering the Hardware Kindle” which I highly recommend for ebook readers. I also recommend Mod’s newsletter for people interested in simplification, meditation, books, design, or walking. He is a wonderful writer who (imho) personifies Less is More.

I have been seriously considering getting into BookTube, and feel inspired by creators like Jen Campbell. Any booktubers out there? What do you think about YouTube as a medium for talking about books? 

Have a wonderful May weekend, wherever you are!



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