Goodreads Beta App

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Today I downloaded the new Goodreads Beta app (Android only). I’ve been concerned for quite some time about Amazon’s habit of buying out a market then stopping innovation (see Kindle) so it was a sweet breath of relief to see that they are finally tackling the slow, text-heavy app that serves as a digital home to so many book lovers around the world.

After playing around with it for a while here are a couple of first thoughts:

  • The whole app is a lot faster. Speed is one of the goals in their FAQ and shifting between the new app and the old one this difference very noticeable.
  • The layout is clean, with slightly larger font and fewer distractions.
  • Navigation overall is improved, particularly for scanning books, as below.
  • A small camera icon in the search bar makes cover scanning far easier and faster to navigate to, which is great if you want to walk around a library or bookstore loading up your TBR pile!

The new app contains all the same features as the old one and is planned as a replacement to be rolled out once it’s stable (no launch date yet).

I’d still like to see some new features added, for example, I would love to move Bookstagram over the GR at some point, but I am happy that they are focusing on cleaning up the old system before throwing something totally new at us.

My hope is that the new app means an investment in growing an nurturing the Goodreads website will soon follow!

9 thoughts on “Goodreads Beta App

  1. Oh man how do I get this?!
    Such good news though! My bookclub gals and I were lamenting how bad the app is just the other night and chatting about if Amazon would do something about it! 🙂


  2. Does it allow filtering the reviews on number of stars? Unless I’m missing something, that’s the main reason I still use the site’s desktop version on my phone.


  3. I may have to check this out. I stopped using Goodreads (for the most part) because it was slow and just didn’t appeal to me. I track everything through my blog, anyway. But I would like to start using it again and this may be the perfect way to do it 🙂

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    1. Goodreads has a really nice community, but they haven’t really done enough to keep that community. The app is a start but if they don’t address the site and some of the community issues I am not sure how long I will stick around! Having tracking on your blogs sounds a lot safer, you control and manage your content!


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